Stickers that I made since 2010.
I hand-cut all my stickers for years, it became one of my favorite calming therapy ♥
Most of my stickers can be bought from my Etsy.
Japanese foods : Inspired by my previous visits to Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto.

Little Ciki : This is Ciki, an introverted little kid in animal suit ♥
Cikis loves to doodle and draw, stay in the room reading and foooods ♥

"Meditasi" or Meditation.
There were times in my life when I felt disturbed by all the things around me 
and I tried to find peace in mind by doodling and sketching, 
and this doodle came to mind :

I originally designed this sticker to help my friend in paying his medical bill 
when he was diagnosed with brain tumor. He got better and no longer on medication now :

Motivational quotes :

This is from my previous Inktober 2015 project turned into a sticker.
 Sakura Kinamoto with Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura, a Japanese anime & manga •

Die-cut sticker sheets for planner :

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